You are hardworking and successful but life isn’t filling you up. You’re a high-achiever, have the money, but you feel like a slave to your work. There’s a feeling of emptiness inside.

You are under pressure to perform. It’s affecting your mood and you’re struggling to cope with all the stress. The feeling of discontent is hard to ignore as your health and relationships are being impacted.

 You want to make changes because you know that if you don’t you will continue to make sacrifices that you’ll regret.


I’m a coach, speaker, mentor, and massage therapist.   I’ve long considered myself a non-conformist. At a young age, I decided to eschew societal expectations and create a life in my image.  I have lived and worked in 3 countries, experiencing life in professional sport, both as an athlete and therapist.

I’m a proud minimalist, living with only a few possessions and my greatest achievement to date is running the “Authentic Marathon”, that is, from the city of Marathon to Athens, Greece.

My calm, composed and stoic nature has enabled me to connect deeply with clients and facilitate powerful transformations with them over the last decade.


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