By: Mario Christou

Time For A Relationship Upgrade?
October 18, 2017

Time for a relationship upgrade? ———————————– As I look back on years of conversations I have had with people in… 1-2-1 sessions…

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The Warrior Takes Action
September 20, 2017

I used to spend a lot of time thinking, assessing, planning and reflecting. And getting nowhere. More knowledge, more wisdom, more ideas…….

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Are You Watching From The Stands Or Playing The Game?
September 18, 2017

As long as you are playing the game you are winning. You won’t alwaysget it right. You won’t always reach your targets. But…

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Where It All Began
September 1, 2017

11 years ago this month I qualified as a personal trainer and sports therapist and began working in this fitness first gym. Fond memories….

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Do Your Choices Have A Bigger Impact?
August 16, 2017

What kind of choices are you making? Read this and have a think… ** A few years back I had the…

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Feeling the weight of the world?
July 25, 2017

Feel like the weight of the world is on top of you? Then you are in the best position to lift it…

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The Gravity Of The Battle Means Nothing To Those At Peace.
July 21, 2017

The gravity of the battle means nothing to those at peace. You will encounter many battles in your life. Many of…

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Let Go To Take Life To The Next Level.
January 24, 2017

“Let go of what isn’t necessary to let in what is.” Ever since I watched the documentary ‘Minimalism’ on Netflix I…

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My Story. Part 1- Mario Christou
January 12, 2017

I originally shared my story as a 10 part series on Facebook. I had no idea that I would get the…

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