What kind of choices are you making?

Read this and have a think…

A few years back I had the pleasure of working with someone that has made a big name for himself in the movie industry.

His latest movie has grossed over $632m worldwide since its release in early Jan ’16.

When we first met he told me he felt broken.

He was in constant pain and unable to stroll through the park longer than 20 minutes before needing to sit down.  He had severe back pain and his energy levels were extremely low. It affected his mood and felt he couldn’t keep his emotions in check.

What upset him most was that he felt like a crap dad (his words) to his 4 sons.

At the time he was directing tv ads, music videos, and had done some movies but always longed to work on bigger projects. He wanted to upgrade his energy and brain power in order to land the work he knew his genius deserved.

In a very short space of time all that changed. He said that investing in himself was the best decision he ever made. He became free of physical pain, more energised, focused and productive, and his passion for life returned.

The happiest I ever saw him was when he spoke about how he could now run around and play with his boys. He felt like a proper dad again.

After a year of working together, the idea he pitched to Universal Studios was a winner and he moved to Paris to work on his dream.

I recently saw an interview with him where he said that he feels eternally blessed to be living his dream life. I too am blessed to have been a guide on his journey.

I am certain that I helped him unlock new levels of energy, creativity and enjoyment for him and am so happy to see him
sharing his genius work with the world.


What small choices can you make that will have a big impact your life and the ones you love?

Decide today and take action.

And start singing a new tune