“Let go of what isn’t necessary to let in what is.”

Ever since I watched the documentary ‘Minimalism’ on Netflix I have become obsessed with letting go.  Not just of possessions but of thoughts, feelings, emotions and even people, that don’t serve a purpose in my life.

I was on course to enter this year in an overwhelmed state, with the pressure of everyday life consuming my thoughts so I must give ‘Minimalism’ some thanks for helping me recenter.

Yes, even us coaches find life challenging at times and for me, the new year was coming at the wrong time. Momentum was building in my business and I felt on a roll just at the time when I’m expected to slow down and attend more family gatherings.

Adding to that were some personal matters that needed my attention.  At one stage it felt like there were weights attached to my feet and moving in the direction of my vision seemed impossible.

My state of mind filtered out to my living space and in the same way that my mind needed cleansing so did the apartment.  I realised that my living space was a reflection of my consciousness.

I was holding on to possessions and thoughts that served little or no purpose and were taking up valuable space.

So I began letting go.

With each possession that I gave away, I felt lighter. My mind became clearer too. Every item represented a thought of mine and the emptier my living space became the clearer my mind was.

“If you’re not a fan of meditation I seriously recommend a closet clean-out.  It works wonders.”

‘Minimalism’ helped remind me of this important lesson and once I started clearing the clutter from my life I felt a new sense of empowerment and I was able to focus again.

Is your mind in need of a clear-out? Meditation may help but I would recommend you clean up your closet first. It works wonders and takes less practice.

In closing, I feel the need to tell you that if are to take your life to the next level you will face some discomfort.  But you will unearth a new found sense of clarity and purpose once you find the strength to let go of what does not serve you.

I’d love to hear about what you are going to start clearing.  Pop your comments below or contact me on info@mariochristou.com.

Much love,


ps. You can find out more from the creators of Minimalism at http://www.theminimalists.com/.