I used to spend a lot of time thinking, assessing, planning and reflecting.

And getting nowhere.

More knowledge, more wisdom, more ideas….

but no momentum.

And certainly no results.

Of course, it was the ACTION partof the equation that was missing.

Let me give you an example:

For so long it was clear to me that running workshops were the next step for me.

But I resisted because of certain beliefs I had about myself.

I’d even go to events where we’d do intuitive readings and get told by people I had never met that it felt true for me to run workshops. Wierd.

Mentors and friends would tell me the same thing too.

But I was waiting for ‘the right time’ and the ‘perfect scenario’.

I felt uncomfortable thinking about standing up in front of people and facilitating a training and made every excuse I could to avoid it.

It’s now been a year and a few months since my first workshop and the beliefs are still there but they ddon’thave a hold on me as they once did.

Taking action and getting over the line was the best thing for me.

Because teaching came naturally, and people have grown as a result of that teaching.

And that’s f’ing cool.

Nowadays, the unknown doesn’t feel so uncomfortable and resistance is not an inhibitor but instead a driver.

As Dan Millman says…

“The warrior takes action”

Is there something you are avoiding that you need help with?

If so drop me a line and let me know.

Much love.